Contact Person

1. 線上填寫入會申請,點選【送出申請】,聯盟將會收到申請通知, 承辦人會將入會申請書及繳費單寄送至會員代表E-mail。
2. 收到申請書後請用印貴公司大小章,用印完成後將入會申請書寄至承辦人信箱。(魏小姐
3. 本聯盟確認入帳後即開立電子收據,寄送至會員代表E-mail。

有入會相關任何問題,歡迎不吝隨時聯繫!(魏小姐 02-27712171分機4810)
※Membership annual fee: NT$10,000/year (payment amount is "valid period of membership * annual fee", for example: valid membership period of 3 years * annual fee of NT$10,000 = NT$30,000).

※【Membership process】
1. Fill out the membership application online, click 【Submit】, the alliance will receive the application notification, and the organizer will send the membership application and payment slip to the member representative's E-mail.
2. After receiving the application form, please use your company's large and small seal, and send the membership application form to the organizer's mailbox after printing. (Miss Wei
3. After the alliance confirms the account entry, it will issue an electronic receipt and send it to the member representative's E-mail.

If you have any questions about membership, please feel free to contact us anytime!
(Miss Wei 02-27712171 ext.4810)